DAIKIN 18000BTU/HR Inverter Type (Heating and Cooling) (Copy)

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Key Features

2000BTU (5.6kW) has been designed to counter hot and cold weather by use of Heat pump technology, making it one of the best selling air conditioner brand. When temperatures go below the desired level, just press the remote button and all is set right, likewise to temperatures going way higher than the desired level. Daikin has been popular to Middle East countries but we want to make it one among our friends in offices and at home.
Inverter Technology will ensure minimal power consumption reducing electricity bills as much as possible, leading to less worry even when the air conditioner is in full-time use all year long.
The small sized body for this air conditioner will leave much room in your office or home for storing other items. In fact, were it not for its purpose it may go unnoticed.
Whoever is around Sub-Saharan Africa and other hot areas should try this powerful Daikin air conditioner, it will bring “Cloud on Earth”, creating artificial room temperatures that are totally different from the surrounding environment.
Cloud on Earth Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Services Limited will deliver it to you, with pride!!
Technical specifications:
Power Supply V/ph/Hz: 220-240/1ph/50Hz
Cooling Capacity: 5.6kW
Heating Capacity: 5.6kW
Efficiency EER W/W: 3.15
COP W/W: 3.15
Air Flow Rate Cooling cfm: 339
Air Flow Rate Heating cfm: 339
Net weight indoor: 8kgs
Net weight outdoor: 27kgs
Compressor type: Hermetically sealed swing Inverter type
Pipe lengths: 20Mtrs
Operating range cooling:
Operating range heating:

Key Features

Given that weather changes are inevitable, Daikin 12000BTU (5.6kW) has been designed to counter hot and cold weather by use of Heat pump.


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